Professional Member
A Registered WSHO with the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health, Ministry of Manpower; has not been incriminated for offences that may be prejudicial or detrimental to the interests or objectives of the Institution and the profession and maintains his Continuing Professional Development record.

Associate Member
A person who holds a responsible position in occupational safety and health, environment, engineering or science and by virtue of his position is qualified to make a positive contribution in the field of occupational safety, health and environment. An overseas applicant who meets the criteria shall initially be accepted as an Associate Member only.

Corporate Member
A legally incorporated corporation, company, society, institution or association, which shares similar objectives.

Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Fellow $107.00
Professional $21.40 $85.60
Associate $21.40 $85.60 
Corporate $214.00

SISO Membership Subscription ( Jan - Dec ) $107
SISO Membership Subscription ( Jul - Dec ) $64.20

*All rates are inclusive of 7% GST



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